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Aug 23, 2017

How to remove and replace Kaspersky antivirus in Windows

With Moscow-based security firm Kaspersky Lab under increasing political and technical scrutiny due to allegations of working closely with Russian intelligence, now might be the time to spy alternative antivirus software for your Windows or Android device. It's important to note that Kaspersky Lab strongly denies these claims. But if you have Kaspersky software installed on one of your devices and want to remove it, read on for instructions.

how to remove kaspersky completely

Removing Kaspersky software with Revo Uninstaller

You can use the tools within Windows to remove software, but files and folders frequently get left behind. Revo Uninstaller tends to catch more items (though one can't guarantee that it will remove every trace of a product). offers a free 30-day unrestricted trial of the "Pro" version, which you can download by clicking on this link. The Pro version can remove traces of previously uninstalled software, and it has more extensive programming for finding leftover files. If you decide that you want to buy it, click here to make your purchase.

Before removing Kaspersky, we recommend making backup copies of your important files and putting them in cloud storage or on an external storage device, just to be safe.

When you have installed and opened Revo, it will show you a grid of program icons in alphabetical order. This grid will be separated into two sections: New Programs and Other Programs. If you can't find Kaspersky here, click on the box labeled "Search" and type the name of the program. Click on the Kaspersky icon, then on the Uninstall button at the top of Revo's window. Revo will create a backup copy of the Windows Registry and a restore point.

At this point, you will have three scanning modes to choose from. The heavier the scan, the longer it will take. When the scan is finished, Revo will show you every Windows Registry entry found. You can choose specific items by checking the boxes next to them, or you can click "Select All." Then click the "Delete" button to remove those items, and click on the "Yes" button to confirm.

Next, Revo will show you all of the files and folders identified as being associated with the suspect software. As before, you can click on boxes next to specific items, or click the "Select All" button. When you have made your choice, click "Delete," and "Yes" to confirm. Revo will show you a progress bar, and when it's finished, all detected traces of the program will be gone.

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