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Aug 19, 2017

Apple introduces 'How To' videos for iOS 11: Keep the Apple Pencil and ipad device Pro ready

Apple submitted six 'How To' videos on its YouTube route, showing how to use the upcoming iOS 14 with an iPad, for some, an iPad Expert is required.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Reuters. Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Reuters news agency.
The new software revise was announced at this year's Worldwide Developers Meeting (WWDC).

The first online video is "How to funnel the power of the new Dock'. This one has a custom-made pier the place that the user can store a common apps. On the homescreen itself, the consumer can look through the files required and wide open them. The second shows the simplicity sharing the dock permits where, pictures can be dragged and shared concurrently through the dock.

Another is entitled 'How to get the most out of your hands'. The video shows what sort of five-finger gesture is employed to come back to the home screen. Moreover, using both the hands, one picture can be dragged, keeping that picture, with one finger, others can be selected using another palm.

'How to effortlessly check out, sign, and send a document' is especially useful for work goers and have files to consider regularly. For this an Apple Pencil and an apple ipad tablet Pro is required. The required document is read using the Note iphone app. Once done, the person can sign on the file using the pencil and promote it. Adding to this is yet another feature of iOS 10, where the user can mark on mails via the Apple Pencil immediately. For instance, anyone can sign on a doc attached to an email instantly. Other uses of this involves marking on pictures if you take a screenshot.

The next video is 'How to get more things done more quickly with multitasking'. Here, the user can 'multitask' by opening multiple software within a single screen.

The much awaited update of iOS is yet to come. Currently, it exists at a beta level to developers and the public. Yet , looking at the videos, apparently it can officially be up to date soon. You can in fact look into all the videos on Apple's Twitter Channel.

They're still insufficient to convince us that the iPad is a viable PC replacement, however. At least, not.

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