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Jul 25, 2017

Which audio format is the best?

In an industry requiring even basic IT knowledge, you must be to know how to format audio files i the proper manner.

Which audio format is the best?

WAV for Widows. AIFF for Mac. No Substantial difference between them really.

What matters most is the sampling rate and the resolution or bit rte

Sampling rate

the number of times that the audio card takes a sample or register the sound forming continous signal. the highher the rate themore sound it can capture.

which audio format is the best

Most Used
44.1 KHZ, 48 KHZ, 88.2 KHZ, 96 KHZ, 192 KHZ

Voice over Recording

48 KHZ is the industry standard for any HD project

8 KHZ the audio files will be very light and easy to carry on telephone lines resolution.

Also called bit depth or bit rate, relates to the amount of information that the audio card captures from a particular sample, the higher the rate the better the sound but heavier the resulting file will be.

Most Used

8BIT, 16 BITS, 24 BITS

For Voice-over 

16 BIT Depth with 48 KHZ is the perfect combination to capture your voice's dynamic range.

Normalized File

This means that the mater audio in .wav or .aiff should be treated but a gentle processing method that consists in these steps:

1. Once you have recorded and done a rough edit (just removing the errors), you copy that master file and you paste it in a different track, the post-production track
2. On this post - production track, we use the plugin present in most audio softwares called Vocal Leveler. This plugin just reduces the dynamic range without compromising the audio quality. It's a very gentle compressor.
3. Once you have your file vocally leveled, you apply a the normalized plugin. You will set the normalizer at - 2db and then you render.
4. Only then when you have normalized you can make a final edition, that removes unwanted breaths, clicks and crackles.


It is Avery compressed format. Its smart algorithm just removes many unnecessary components of the sound without compromising the audio quality. This format is ideal when delivering  you demos. It can be very light so you can deliver the audition samples through simple e-mail.

Still we recommend you record in .WAV or .AIFF and then convert into mp3 with the highest resolution possible, this will allow to reduce the size of your file at least 6 times.

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