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Jul 22, 2017

The best Android diet apps

Diet Watchers Diary

Diet Watchers Diary may be the most complicated app on this list but it also allows for a lot of personal customization. With this app, users are tasked with creating their own database and then using it to create their own diet. The premise is that once you see what you’re eating, it’ll encourage you to change things up a bit. The app also comes with Dropbox integration for backup and syncing, a barcode scanner, BMI calculator, and a basic food database to get you started. It has all the basics and is a good app for those who want a more hands-on approach. It's definitely one of the better diet apps and nutrition apps. Do beware, though, as there is no free version of this app so make sure you give it a good test inside of the refund time!


Fooducate is something a little bit different. On the surface, it is a diet and weight loss application that does the basic stuff such as count calories, track weight loss, and track exercise. What makes Fooducate stand apart is that it tries to not only count your calories, but help you analyze the value of the calories consumed. The premise being that it helps you consume better calories leading to more weight loss and a healthier diet. It also has a product database of over 250,000 items and there is a community forum to get further help. You can purchase add-ons for additional features if you prefer. It's definitely one of the more underrated diet apps and nutrition apps on Android!

Lose Weight Without Dieting 

Lose Weight Without Dieting and a quickly growing nutrition and dieting app that keeps things simple and streamlined. There is a database of food that you can add to which is admittedly difficult, but the rest of the application seems to work well. You have calorie and fitness trackers, weight loss plans, weight tracker, and other metrics to help round out an already positive experience. The unique part of this app is that you earn “pearls” for actually using the app on a consistent basis. If you get enough pearls, you can get the ad-free version of the app without paying for it. That’s some pretty good motivation. About the only really bad part of this app is the name, but everything else seems pretty solid.


MyFitnessPal is on all of the app lists for diet apps and nutrition apps and that’s because it’s the most popular. It currently rocks more than a staggering ten million downloads and a 4.6 rating in the Play Store. It comes with all the features including a database with over five million foods, full sync with their website service so you can count calories cross-platform, a recipe calculator so you can see how much nutrition a home cooked meal will have, and the ability to add multiple items at once. There is also a pretty decent fitness tracker with 350 exercises that covers both cardio and strength training. It’s about the best all-in-one solution you can find for both fitness and 


MyNetDiary is one of the more decent nutrition apps and diet appps. It also has some decent features. It does the standard stuff such as track what you eat using at least 600,000 foods (probably more) from its database. You'll also get a basic fitness tracker, support for a variety of connected devices such as Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin, and more. Using this app, you can also keep track of things like your blood glucose, heart rate, A1C, cholesterol, and more. MyNetDiary provides a very positive experience with this app and there is cross-platform support via their website.


Fooducate is a unique calorie counter application because it not only lets you log your calories, but it also helps you determine what foods are actually good or bad for you. The app allows you to track your diet and exercise much like others. Their food database contains over 250,000 unique items that are also letter graded for quick reference. It’s an effective application and if you decide to go premium, you’ll also get support for gluten-free and allergy specific diets, the Paleo diet, and other additional diets.

iTriage Health

iTriage Health is an app that helps you find doctors. The core idea is that you search for your various symptoms. The app gives you a broad idea of what could be wrong and then you can search for the proper kind of healthcare from there. You can also find the nearest hospital, emergency room, urgent care, and pharmacy in your area. It’s not an app that you can use everyday, but it’s one that’s worth having just in case. It’s completely free to download and use which is a plus.

MyTrainer Diet Fitness Workout

MyTrainer is another up and coming health app and one of the few that is totally free with no in-app purchases. This one focuses mostly on workouts with other elements playing secondary and tertiary roles. The premise is that the app looks at your BMI and then helps you set workout goals based on those to help you lose weight much like you’d see out of a personal trainer. It offers a variety of workout plans, including one that takes just 15 minutes. Not bad for an application with no price tag (at least right now).

Pocket Yoga

It has been proven time and again that yoga is, in fact, good for you. Pocket Yoga is a favorite of ours that includes everything you need to get started with yoga with the only requirement being to have your own yoga mat. It includes 27 different sessions based on your level of expertise and experience with over 200 poses listed out for you with images and video so you can get it just right. It also contains a log of all of your yoga workouts so you can keep track of how you’re doing. It’s one of the few apps with an up front cost, but there are no in-app purchases.

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