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Jul 24, 2017

How to Screenshot on Mac

How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac: Hey Buddy, I know you are here to get the info about How to Take a Screenshot on your Mac device. Right??? You are the right place to know the info quickly without any extra discussions. Like you many people are facing the issue in taking the screenshot on Mac device. So we have come up with an existing solution which makes our work easier than before

As we have Print Screen option in windows but we don't have an option like Print Screen Mac, But we can take the screenshot on Mac using some print screen functions which are available on Mac. Even they are some variety of functions available in Mac. Let's move further to know each and every function clearly.
how to screen shot on mac computer

Best Steps on How to Take Screenshot on Mac:

Here I will show you some steps to take a screenshot on Mac. We can take the screenshot of entire Screen or you can also take the screenshot of selected Portion of the screen. The taken screenshot will be automatically saved on your desktop in .png file format. So let's go into the three methods
  • Take a Screenshot of Entire Screen on Mac,
  • Take a Screenshot of Selected Portion of Screen on Mac &
  • How to Take Screenshot of Touch Bar of Mac Book Pro.

So these three things are very much important if you want to take screenshots on your Mac Devices. So keep sure you follow the steps carefully in order to take a screenshot on mac.

How to Take Screenshot of Entire Screen on Mac devices
Step 1) Press SHIFT+COMMAND+3 (It Takes the Screenshot of Entire Screen)
Step 2) The Screenshot will be Saved on Desktop Directly with .png file format.

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